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3 Simple Forex Trading Strategies

 Forex Trading is much more profitable than anything else. There are many simple forex trading strategies that can be used for profitable Forex trading. The strategy should be well planned and should be in line with our goals for trading. What people generally do is they do complicated procedures and then they follow a very strict regime for the same which is not bad but very time consuming and sometimes because the market is unpredictable so the planned regime also becomes awkward to follow due to a series of this planned strategy can be followed. Several strategies are being listed here which can be followed for convenience.

      1. Risk management

      2. Target pips

      3. Reward to risk ratio

1. Risk Management - Risk management is a strategy which is an effective strategy. As risk management is an important factor. Traders want to get more benefits with just one trade. Traders want to squeeze more profit from just one trade. So in this way they extend their risk. Extending risk is not a problem but no proper risk hedge is taken for traders who place their positions at very high risk. In forex trading, traders get high leverage. And this leverage has become a risk on their capital and on the contrary they prolong more risk because they do not have proper risk management. So managing risk is an important strategy to follow. There are several strategies for risk management that traders can follow to trade forex.

(A) Count every Pip- When we trade in forex the profit is in the PIP. Generally, traders target large PIPS and this puts their capital at stake. Traders should not ignore the value of every single pip. Profits can be earned in very small pips also of course according to the currency in which we have traded.-

(B) Spot Forex Rates - In Forex Trading we trade in a minimum of two currencies one is the base currency and the other is the quote currency. The currency we buy is the quote currency and the currency we buy is the base currency. The price at which we enter into a contract for the currency executed at that particular price is the spot rate. Risk can be managed by using spot rates to determine the spot rate between the currency of your trading account and the quote currency. -

(c) Difference between Stop Loss and Cost- The difference between stop loss and cost can be used for risk management. The difference between Stop loss and cost is a very big factor if this difference is managed properly then it is a very effective way to manage risk.

2. Target Pips- Generally, traders target pips which are very hard to come by and very risky. Targeting unattainable pips is very disappointing and also risking capital for no good reason. So traders should target realistic pips. Targeting based on expectations and desires that have nothing to do with reality. This means that traders expect that they have to get mangoes from apple trees.

3. Reward to risk ratio - The reward to risk ratio is again an efficient strategy to follow. If for a small prize we risk our big capital then it is not a good thing to follow. The reward to risk ratio should be in favor of our trading style, it should not be contradictory otherwise it will cause all efforts to be wasted.

Conclusion - Simple successful forex trading strategies are all about trading strategies that any trader can follow for better profits. Always remember a planned shot with small steps is always better than a big shot without planning because in a planned shot there is some room for improvement but in a massive shot, there is no way we can understand what to do next. So try to follow the strategy to win the results.

Winning doesn't just mean gaining, but gaining experience in itself is a reward that can be done with a planned move that isn't even planned and can't be justified.

Easy Tricks to Get Free Forex Trading Signals

 The presence of free forex trading signals always succeeds in making people more interested in running forex trading even if it is easy. Although only positioned as a recommendation, this one signal can provide the insight you need when confused about how to interpret forex market conditions.

In other words, trading signals can provide additional confirmation that can provide additional confirmation needed, both before opening and after closing a position. The most prominent advantage and cannot be underestimated, is that you can get forex trading signals for free.

You no longer have to make considerations that are too big to spend in playing forex. Of course, this is quite tempting, especially considering the many trading signals that are offered for a fee. Providing free trading signals is a natural thing. Why?

Free Trading Signals from Forex Brokers

Instead of you continuing to remain silent in your hesitation to play forex, and keep thinking over and over for fear of losing, it's better for you to take advantage of the free trading signal services that are also provided by forex brokers. This one facility is also usually provided with certain limits.

This is because it is included in the extra service for traders who open accounts and make related broker deposits. In addition, you no longer have to ask about the clarity of providers who offer free trading signals because the reliability of these free signals will be related to the reputation of the broker.

This makes it less likely that the broker will work with a less qualified provider. Or even work with providers who are still ignorant and have bad intentions, such as cheating, or other crimes. For that, choosing free forex trading, this one is more recommended.

How Forex Brokers Provide Free Signals

In general, forex brokers can provide a free trading signal in two ways. First, the broker will recruit an analyst or trading expert who can create a free trading signal exclusively and regularly. Then the second is to cooperate with trading signal provider companies.

Usually they will have a special method to be able to get trading signals for free. Of the many trading signal providers, for now Autochartist and Trading center are two terms that are very familiar with forex brokers. This is because these two terms have an important role in free trading.

Although many promise to provide trading signals for free, not all of these signals have the same reliability for trading. For those of you who still feel confused in determining the free trading signals from the three recommendations above, you should learn to identify the most ideal trading signals for free forex trading.

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Description: free forex trading is provided by several brokers with reliable providers.

Know This Before Trading on a Live Account

When not ready, not a few traders choose to jump into trading on a live account. This is usually because they are not ready to accept the trading risks that they will get later. Maybe they are ready with a pile of knowledge they have, funds and trading strategies. But what about the risks?

This is actually a very relative thing to measure, especially about the funds that you may have accumulated with great difficulty can just disappear in an instant. Here are some things you should know and understand before deciding to play on a live account.

Psychological Risk

In general, traders who have a character who are more willing to take risks after making a profit, and more afraid to take risks after experiencing a loss. In other words, this is tantamount to a trader having a psychology that is less professional about the risks that will occur.

For example, if you have experienced a loss for the 5th time in a row, chances are you will be afraid to enter the forex market even though the market price movements are in good condition and the trading signal is quite clear. Basically, however, market price movements move relatively little.

But what you should know is that in any strategy you use, a random distribution of profit and loss is inevitable. The thing that must be overcome is your perception of the risks that will occur when trading on a live account. Usually traders often ignore risk when they have profited several times.

Make sure to become a trader because you like trading

For ordinary people who still don't understand this one job, trading does look like a very trivial thing and even easy to do. However, actually this one job requires a high skill. Feelings of boredom that often approach can interfere with the continuity of this work.

Therefore, you should always feel attracted and feel immune to loss. Before you finally feel like you are actually trading on a live account and are ready to make a real profit or loss of money. You must be able to overcome all the temptations that come and make you no longer want to do this work.

If you feel that your trading job is a burden, but you continue to force trading, you will over-trade and tend not to turn to money management. Tips from traders who have experience is that you must be well aware that even the smallest profit will be difficult to obtain and you have to fight alone to maximize it.

To be successful in the trading world, you must also have a dream to be successful in the trading business. This dream will stimulate your enthusiasm in trading and be a reminder when you are afflicted with laziness. Those are some things you should know before trading on a live account.

Keyword: trading on a live account

Description: in order to trade on a live account you need to be aware of several things that can happen.

How to Trade Forex Using Buy and Sell

How to trade forex this time will discuss the most basic things in playing trading in the forex market, namely how to use buy and sell in forex. Maybe for traders who have been playing for a long time, this is not something strange or complicated. But for novice players, of course they will feel confused about how to run these two terms.

It is important for every player to know how these two terms work. This is because the two terms are closely related to the trading process in the forex market. You will use both terms to define what you will do with foreign exchange and the current curve.

The Principle of Follow The Trend

There is a saying that says follow the trend, the trend is your friend. The point is, before deciding to enter, it's a good idea to know in advance the current trend. Once you know, you just need to follow the trend. It seems simple indeed to use buy and cell in this way.

In general, the trend in forex is divided into 3, namely uptrend (uptrend), downtrend (downtrend), and sideways (flatten within a certain range). To be able to read the ongoing trend, you can create a trendline.

The trick is to specify a low level point and a high level point, then draw a straight line from high to high or low to low. Another alternative way is to create support and resistance lines. If the price crosses the support and resistance lines, it could be a sign that the price will change direction.

Determine the Duration of Hold Position

The next way of forex trading is to determine how long you can hold a position. To be able to find out, you must first determine what style to use. Will you use a scalper, intraday, or even a swinger? Scalper is a trader who is very strict in monitoring currency movements in front of the computer.

Intraday is a trader who holds a position for one day. For example, suppose you open a position on a pair in the morning, then close it in the afternoon. This may be suitable for those of you who like to spend a lot of time at the computer, but don't keep an eye on currency movements.

Swingers are traders who hold positions in the forex market from one day to even days. There are even swingers that can hold positions for weeks. Usually swinger traders will place positions in accordance with the direction of the trend to be able to get the maximum profit.

You can also use the existing time frame as a benchmark or margin, whether you want to open a position for a long period of time or vice versa. For example, like swinger traders who tend to play long term and choose a timeframe of 4 hours and above, that's how to buy and sell forex trading.

Keyword: how to trade forex

Description: in buying and selling forex, you must first know the principle of following the trend and how long you have to play.

Secret Kick to Play Forex Trading

 The secret of playing forex trading on this one seems to be needed by novice traders. Usually they are often trapped in forex trading because they get the lure of very large profits in a fairly short time. Of course, with such a tempting offer, who can stop himself from trading immediately.

However, you must first know whether this is true or just a lure. Don't let you even get a loss after playing because you are mistaken. The fact is that playing forex trading is not as easy as imagined. For that, consider some of the following anti-lost moves to play forex.

Facts Traders Should Know

Based on DaiiyFX data for 2014-2015, it has been found that the average beginner forex trader will experience losses when playing. Why is that? Usually a novice trader tends to be too emotional. So they still have not been able to develop a way to consistently earn forex trading profits.

The biggest problem is, in fact, not because of the accuracy of the open position or open position. However, it is precisely when a novice forex trader has to be trapped in a situation, where he must be able to make decisions about when to open a position and when to close a position or close a position.

How to Make the Right Profit

The keywords in this game are actually quite simple. You just have to think realistically. If a novice trader has the intention of placing a position in the forex market, he must first know the potential losses against the risks. The following are the secrets of playing forex trading that you should know.

1. Use the Risk vs Reward Ratio in Setting the Trading Risk Level

Basically the risk vs reward ratio is a comparison of how much risk can be borne to get the profit target. Technically this can be done only by setting the position or the location of the stop loss and take profit.

2. Be careful in using stop loss and take profit

With the help provided by stop loss and take profit, you can make profit more easily. The reason is that the system will automatically close the position based on the take profit or stop loss target.

3. Consider Capital Resilience

You need to consider the capital you use when trading. You also need to consider whether you are the type of player who likes relatively high risks to get more profits or is the type of trader who is conservative, i.e. avoids high risks.

Basically, it is undeniable that playing in the forex market has good potential to get a good profit. However, it should be noted again that forex trading also carries a fairly high risk. As a beginner forex trader, of course you must not be careless and do the secret moves to play forex trading above.

Keyword: the secret of playing forex trading

Description: Beginner traders should know the secrets of playing forex trading so they can trade well and make a profit.

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Best Broker To Trade Forex

In this guide we will go over the top rated forex brokers. We base our round-ups on a variety of factors such as fees, security, trading platform, education and research, tools and charting, and more.

Best Forex Trading Platforms 2022

We have put together an extensive list of the absolute best brokers available right now. These trading platforms appeal to all types of traders, with each platform offering its unique advantages. They need to be chosen based on individual trading strategies and requirements. We have outlined the top options below that are suitable for all kinds of traders.


You can't have a list of the best brokers without mentioning eToro. eToro is one of the most popular trading platforms that offers a wide range of investment opportunities. 

Forex traders will enjoy the user-friendly platform and fast-trading capabilities at market prices. eToro has an appealing social trading feature that allows you to follow other top forex traders and automatically copy their moves. This is great for beginners.

comparison etoro logo
Diverse range of investment opportunitiesSome fees
Copy the trades of top forex tradersAccount minimum is a bit higher
0% commission fees on stocks and competitive trading
An easy to use trading platform

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 68% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work, and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit eToro USA LLC does not offer CFDs, only real Crypto assets available.


Avatrade is a global CFD and forex broker is appealing to new and experienced investors thanks to its low fees and free withdrawals. The platform is really easy to get started on, where opening an account and trading are all done online.

AVATrade is heavily involved in forex trading. If this is your focus, then you will be happy. However, there are not loads of other investment opportunities available. 

AvaTrade Logo
Easy to start trading onInactivity fees
The platform has excellent research tools
Free withdrawals and deposits
Low forex trading fees


Plus500 is a CFD-only platform that offers loads of trading opportunities. This popular international trading platform is speedy and stays up to date with all current prices. It is also very easy to use.

Anyone new to forex trading will enjoy the uncomplicated platform. There is also a free demo mode to allow beginners to try forex trading without any risk attached.

Plus500 Comparison
A versatile CFD trading platform Suitable for active traders, but not a great long-term investment platform
Includes a demo mode for new traders

CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 72% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.


If you want to focus on low fee forex trading, then you should choose Pepperstone that specialize in this area. Pepperstone is a specialist forex broker online CFD platform. It offers a great array of forex trading options. 

The fast app stays up to date with real-time prices. The trading platform is also very easy to use. Beginners to Pepperstone can make use of the demo mode to get a feel for trading in the forex market without the risk.

Pepperstone Logo
The platform has VIP access for enhancing trading opportunitiesNon-EU users don't get investor protection
Low forex and equity index CFD fees 
Daily cash rebates on the active trader program
Specializes in Forex


This private company forex broker offers everything traders need for streamlined, successful, informed forex trading. 

The platform is easy to use and is loaded full of powerful tools and technical indicators.

Oanda Logo
User-friendly platformLimited customer support
Technical indicators and research toolsLimited portfolio products available beyond forex
A forex-first broker


This global forex and CFD broker is well-regulated, efficient, and uncomplicated. Anyone wanting to trade forex will find XTB to be one of the best choices. Particularly for UK residents as this is where this broker is based. 

XTB appeals to forex traders due to its low fees and mostly free deposits. The trading platform is fairly limited to forex, so there is not a lot of opportunity for other investments. The platform is also fairly simple, without a great deal of data available. 

XTB logo
Easy to use and open an accountStock CFD trading has higher fees for anyone interested in expanding their portfolio
Low forex feesNot the best educational data available
Deposits and withdrawals are free
The platform focuses on forex


XM is one of the best, thanks to its array of helpful features. This global forex broker has generally low fees and excellent educational tools available. There are lots of forex opportunities within the XM trading opportunities.

Beginners will enjoy this platform thanks to the demo mode, and it's an easy account opening process.

XM Logo
Easy to get startedThe forex fees are a bit higher
Great educational tools and content availableNon-EU clients don't get investor protection
Low CFD fees available
Withdrawal fees are low


Alpari is an international broker that offers a diverse trading platform. This broker appeals to both new and experienced traders. The trading platform offers excellent execution speeds, and the safe broker is completely transparent. The app is easy to use, and opening an account is a straightforward process.

Alpari Logo
A versatile trading platformAlpari does not accept traders from the US, Japan, Russia, and others
Appeals to all types of tradersThe platform has weak research tools
Safe and transparent

Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is one of the best thanks to its commission-free trading options, regulation and trading tools. This is a versatile platform for traders who would like to expand further than just forex. Interactive Brokers has low per-share pricing and low margin rates. The ETF and stock trading platforms are also great for versatile traders.

Interactive Brokers Logo
A versatile trading platform with a wide-ranging portfolioInactive traders face high fees
Many mutual funds with no transaction fees
Top research tools


This Swiss online bank provides mobile trading options for forex traders. Dukascopy clients enjoy low spread and commission forex trading. This is certainly one of the best due to the tools, research opportunities, and competitive rates. 

Dukascopy is better suited for experienced traders. The markets available for trading are not very broad, and the platform can be complex for beginners to grasp.

Dukascopy Logo Small
Excellent forex trading spreadsCustomer service
Unique tools and research opportunitiesSmall market offering
Good rates for forex traders

IC Markets

IC Markets has to be a top contender thanks to their low forex trading fees. Withdrawals and deposits are free, and it is very easy to open an account and start trading.

This platform focuses on forex and CFDs which is great for traders interested in this area. If you want a broader portfolio, then IC Markets isn’t your best bet.

IC Markets Logo
Low forex feesLimited product portfolio 
Free and easy withdrawals and deposits
Easy to use and open an account
A forex-focused trading platform

FP Markets

This Australian CFD and FX broker is appealing to all kinds of traders. FP Markets has low spreads and quality educational tools. 

Opening an account is fully digital and straightforward. There is also a helpful demo mode available for any new or uncertain forex traders.

FP Markets Logo
Easy Account OpeningLimited asset classes other than forex
Low Forex Spreads
Withdrawals and deposits
Specialized in Forex

London Capital Group

London Capital Group is one of the biggest brokers in the UK. LCG offers excellent currency pairs and a wide range of asset classes. They offer a seamless experience for any avid forex trader. 

London Capital Group focuses on providing a very simple, straightforward trading platform. This makes it one of the best choices for beginners looking for a smooth introduction to forex trading.

London Capital Group Logo
Well regulated with good client protectionLondon Capital Group does not allow US traders
Great options for currency pairsExperienced traders may prefer more complex tools 
Appealing incentives for traders
Excellent customer service

TD Ameritrade

TD Ameritrade is a versatile broker that offers a wide-ranging investment portfolio. It is best suited for long-term investors, although active forex traders can still enjoy all that TD Ameritrade has to offer. 

Beyond forex, you can also trade in common stocks, preferred stocks, futures contracts, exchange-traded funds, options, cryptocurrency, mutual funds, fixed income investments, margin lending, and cash management services. 

TD Ameritrade Logo
Some trading fees are low or non-existentMost accounts are limited to US residents 
Customer support is excellentNot focused on forex trading
No minimum deposit amount


IG is a trading platform that offers a perfect solution for busy forex traders. IG has plenty of helpful tools and educational features for foreign exchange trading. IG offers competitive pricing structures, an excellent desktop platform, and a wide range of investment opportunities for anyone wanting to extend further than just forex. 

IG Logo
Many withdrawal and deposit choicesHigh forex and CFD trading fees
Quality tools for trading and educational contentSlow customer support
Offers a wide-ranging investment portfolio
An easy to use platform

As the name would suggest, this is easily one of the best available. is best suited for high-volume traders and can be quite a difficult platform for new forex traders to manage. However, the platform offers excellent options for successful strategies. has some of the best currency pairs available. The forex fees are low, and there are plenty of quality technical research tools. logo
Low forex feesHigh stock CFD fees
Great currency pairs availableA more suitable platform for experienced investors
Brilliant technical research tools
A forex-focused platform for dedicated traders

CMC Markets

CMC Markets is focused on forex and CFD. Investors love this platform for the very low forex fees and free deposit and withdrawal options. CMC Markets is thoroughly regulated by the FCA.

The desktop platform and mobile app are easy to use, offering a seamless trading experience. You also get loads of helpful tools for enhanced forex trading.

CMC Markets Logo
Low forex feesStock CFD fees
User-friendly trading platform
High-quality education and research tools
Great currency pairs available


FXCM is a quality platform for trading in forex, cryptocurrency, and CFDs. FXCM is easy to use, has great trading tools, and offers a particularly good mobile app. 

Education and technical research tools rank highly. For forex and cryptocurrency traders, this platform ticks all the right boxes.

Great technical research toolsThe withdrawal fees are high
Easy to use and get startedBeyond CFDs and forex, a limited portfolio
Focused on forex trading

What is Forex Trading?

Forex trading is done through the global foreign exchange market. This is when different types of currencies are bought and sold. Every type of currency listed on the market has a value that is constantly changing. Traders utilize this to buy and sell currencies to make a profit. 

Risks of Forex Trading

As is the case with any type of trading, forex offers plenty of risks. One of the main risk areas is that the market is uncontrollable. Many different factors impact the price of currency pairs. If the markets go against you, it is possible to lose a lot of money. 

Of course, big price drops also mean opportunities for the savvy investor. It is important that forex traders have a deep understanding of the market, and are prepared for volatility and the potential to lose money.

How to Pick A Forex Broker?


First thing you need to look for is that the company is regulated. Different organizations regulate brokers to ensure safety and security. This makes trading through these platforms secure and transparent. All of the brokers listed above are well-regulated.


Security is important to make sure that all clients are well-protected. This can include things like withdrawal and deposit security, and how it is regulated in your country.

Leverage and Margin

Pay attention to whether the broker offers good leverage and margin options. Leverage is focused on taking on debt while margin debt is used for investing in other financial instruments. If leverage and margin ties into your trading strategy, be sure to check this out.

Order Types

Pay attention to the order types available and how the platform offers these. This includes market orders, stop orders, limit orders, trailing stop, and so on. This can affect your forex trading strategy in a big way.

Fees & Commissions 

Fees and commissions can come in various forms. Be sure that the fees are suitable for the style you will be trading in. Otherwise, you can lose a significant amount of your returns to fees. 

Different types of fee structures cover spreads, trading fees, non-trading fees, and more. Always be aware of all fees before opening an account with a new broker.

Trade Execution

Trade execution is the actual buying and selling of the currency. The platform needs to be fast and up to date for efficient trade execution.

Account Types

Brokers offer many different account types to suit different types of traders. This should be chosen according to your trading level and requirements. This can include demo accounts, Micro, Mini, VIP, Retail, and professional accounts to name a few.

ECN Brokers

ECN brokers offer platforms electronically connected to the international bank network. Trading through ECN brokers gives you real-time, accurate prices on the currency market.

Your Level Of Experience

Make sure that the trading platform matches your level of experience. Soma platforms are best suited for beginners while others are more complex to navigate and manage.

Do They Offer Copy Trading

Copy trading is a useful feature for beginners and inexperienced traders This is where you can follow successful Forex traders and automatically copy their moves.

Deposit Methods

Make sure that the broker you choose offers deposit and withdrawal methods that are suitable for you and your bank. Some deposits can be expensive or limited.

Account Minimum

The minimum deposit amount can make a big difference. Some brokers have no account minimum, while others require very large amounts to start trading.

Customer Support

Customer support makes a big difference to the overall user experience of any platform. You want a broker that offers consistent, easy to reach customer support to help with any queries or concerns.

Currency Pairs Available

When trading in forex, you are limited by the currency pairs available. The best will have a wide range of options for more versatile trading strategies.


The best brokers offer an array of research tools on their platform to allow for more informed trading. This includes things like market news, economic calendars, analysis. and more.


The user-friendliness of a trading platform will include various features. These all work together to provide you with a more informed trading experience. This includes things like alerts, notifications, price alerts, watch lists, execution speed, and more.


Does the broker have educational tools to help traders? this can include things like webinars, news, and updated educational content on forex trading.

Deposit Bonus

Some brokers offer bonus capital for larger deposits. This can be an attractive feature – especially if you trade with large sums of money. 

Best For Beginners

We recommend eToro as the top pick for beginners. This is due to its demo mode, easy trading platform, and copy trading function.

Low Spreads

Looking for a low spread broker? We recommend Pepperstone in this category. They offer the best low spreads for forex traders.

Highest Leverage

FP Markets is your top choice for the highest leverage broker. This versatile forex broker offers great leverage for those wanting to incorporate this while trading.

Best In Australia

While there are plenty of excellent forex brokers in Australia, our top recommendation goes to Pepperstone. This broker is well-regulated and offers a top-quality trading platform.

Best In The UK

We recommend two forex brokers for traders in the UK. These two are eToro and AvaTrade. Both platforms are well regulated in the UK and offer a quality forex trading experience.

Best For US Forex Traders

US forex traders should look towards Interactive Brokers for their best option. This forex trading brokerage offers a safe and well-equipped platform for trading forex in the US.

Best ECN Forex Broker

Finding the best ECN forex broker is important for real-time live pricing and executions. We recommend FP Markets as the top ECN forex broker out of our reviews.

What is The Rollover Rate?

This is when you hold a currency pair overnight. Rolling over the open position has a cost – which is the rollover rate.

Types Of Forex Brokers

Forex brokers are not all the same. there are various types of brokers available to suit individual investment strategies. These types of brokers include ECN brokers, Market makers, Non-Dealing Desk brokers, Direct Market Access brokers, Dealing Desk brokers, and Straight-Through Processing brokers.


Various organizations regulate forex brokers. These regulate them in specific countries and worldwide. Some worldwide licenses and authorities include CySec, FCA, ASIC, and the NFA to name the main bodies.


What is a lot?

A lot is used to describe 100,000 units of the base currency when doing a forex trade.

What is a PIP?

PIP stands for Price Interest Point, which is the price shift in an interest rate.

What is Forex Swap?

A forex swap is when you buy and sell the same amount of a currency with two different value dates.